Thank you for visiting the Renaissance Channel!  Below is a collection of Faire outfits designed and constructed by Andrew MacLaine.  Click on the individual pictures to see them full size. 
I am available for custom work for both males and females, so feel free to contact me with any requests!  

Big Bear Renaissance Faire, August 2010
Dress for Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and final wife.  Design inspired by, but not a copy of, Katherine's most popular portrait.

Dress with corset under, worn atop a farthingale.  Pull-throughs on sleeves.  Two-piece hat with pearl-edged coif underneath and pleating inside.

Royal Gentleman's traveling outfit under the service of the King.  Perhaps a bit more fancy than expected, but this one is for me, so I deserve to wear something nice.

Short-brimmed hat and removable cape.  Also, four hidden pockets in the panes of the slops (pants), which are not very period, but come in handy if you do not want to cover your nice doublet with a belt and pouches.  And, yes, I know I look like I have gained weight in the above picture, but I'm okay with it. It's cool to look well-fed sometimes.  (A more flattering but less natural-looking picture can be seen here...)

Same coat as previous King's Costume, but with a much more pleasing doublet and bases underneath to better contrast the many gold buttons and accents that I applied.  Genuine pull-throughs on the chest and sleeves.

I decided to name her, "The Lady Aubergine."  She is the woman that crushes the snails that make the royal purple dye for the Royal's clothing.  Adorable! 

Three-way adjustable corset with peplum over sheer blouse and full skirt with crinoline petticoat underneath for fullness.

The same outward appearance as the first version, but less bulky with less layers.

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