Dress for character of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's ill-fated 5th wife.

Close-up of Henrician Sleeves

Above taken at Renaissance Faire in the mountains of Big Bear. Photo courtesy of Alyse Mercereau.

Fun Extra: many parts of this dress had a past life as this.
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Outfit for character of Thomas Culpeper, Henry VIII's favourite courtier, personal dresser, and very naughty fellow.

Above is the secret new and easy method I invented for the look of slashing/pullthroughs. I think it looks much more authentic than the previously used method of ribbon work.

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Costume for character of Sir Francis Dereham, member of Hampton Court, and pawn in a game of love, truth, and lies.

Last photo courtesy of PirateX.com

His Majesty's Admirer is a Milkmaid from the Kronenburg Ren Faire. Her outfit is not mine.

Above at Rennaisance Faire in the mountains of Big Bear. Photo courtesy of Alyse Mercereau.

Court Dress that has been worn for characters of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, both on whom are endearing because they were each beheaded for Treason.

Theatrical secret: The "Pearls" are actually drops of puffy paint. Just as nice looking, even from just a few feet away, but around a quarter of the cost and trouble of fabric with pearls sewn on.

Above Photo courtesy of Michael Walton
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This above picture does not advocate infant intoxication,
but it does not deny its SPECTACULAR AWESOMNESS, either!

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